Monday, November 3, 2008

A sparse, meager blog, comfortably situated

sitcom serf at the Residents

Don't get excited. Close that other tab. There will be no need to go to right after this. Just relax. Most of the stuff I write about here will be safe and sound, away from the cutting edge. The jagged, frightful edge. I am going to write about music, in Manhattan. By the time it gets to me here, you can rest assured those middle-twenties rockers will already have toured to your borough. Perhaps a multi-borough tour. They'll be big local stars in the Red Hook used-car warehouse district by now. I am sure banana vs lucmo has a 2 pager in the archives, images exclusive for 3 weeks. Their mp3's are abundant, in need of thinning-out. Even the amateur iso-hunter should have no trouble bagging a few. We'll be buying and stealing a lot of music around here, enjoying it all, even if we are in the rear guard. About this blog: nepotism, favoritism, narcissism, all the tools required to do something this self-indulgent. Hopefully with a touch of class and word-craft on the days one is feeling the most nimble.

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