Friday, May 15, 2009

Sorry OK Yes

So these guys sent me a digital copy of their upcoming release DOING MORE WITH LESS, and I really dig it. It's retro-rock from Italy basically: strong guitars, a 30 ton back-beat with woo-hoo's and the whole bit. In fact, it's making me feel quite up. They have been compared to an updated version of the Kinks;* I hear some Hives / PB&J / Big Star in there as well.

- Teeth clench in unison as I compare one band to another -

I will concede that Big Star might be a stretch, but I think Sorry OK Yes has Chris Bell fans in the bag. DOING MORE WITH LESS consists of 5 guitar-driven hum-alongs tackling (among other things) self-reliance, cinematic escapism and pinpointing the exact best time of the day to feel good (in case one has several options). The songs beckon from section to section, somehow always building. Put this record on during speed-induced cleaning binges, ice hockey practice, and when you are editing your own amateur skateboard mishaps for youtube.

On the "live show" front: Sorry-OK-Yes seem to be doing some great "career" things, which means they might be playing in New York at some point soon. I imagine these two put on a fantastic live show. I have listened to the EP about 12 times in a row now. I might go and have a rambunctious skip in the park.
"No Soul" by Sorry-OK-Yes Download mp3

* Kinks reference: Exitfare

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