Thursday, May 21, 2009

"A Dream I Used To Remember" - Opsvik and Jennings

photo: Michelle Arcila

So If you hadn't gathered, I am catching up on a few album reviews. I am really lucky to have a stack of great records in need of ears - it isn't always the case. A DREAM I USED TO REMEMBER is the third record from Opsvik & Jennings, who I only discovered recently, but who continue to impress me. Not to dance about architecture here, and although I will admit that I think O&J must be seen live, the new record is a treat.

ADIUTR takes a much more "band" approach the O&J sound, meaning that there are less electronic elements to this record, which to me makes it sound a little more like a jam, but not at the expense of the dynamics that continue to makes the songs build within themselves and as an album. At the highlights (Canada, Swimming Back Into The Picture) it is as good as anything they have done before. The moments that I found to stagnate a little bit (Sleepy Rush, The Good Eye) are at worst great background for the highlights. I have done a few excellent things this week with Opsvik & Jennings in the background, urging me along with an almost pedagogical nudge to pick up the pen or the guitar myself. Something in it is just really lovely; I am irrationally attached to it.

More impressive even than all of that, from May 1st until the release date (May 26), you can download the entire album for free. That's correct. Either these are some extremely generous gents, or someone at Loyal Label has been huffing paint. Here's "September and Starry-Eyed" and a link to the free download (for a limited time):

"September And Starry-Eyed" by Opsvik & Jennings download mp3 (with permission)

Opsvik and Jennings FREE ALBUM

So download the album, go and see them play at Nublu on May 25th and tell them how much you like the record - with some cash.