Sunday, August 16, 2009

Free Eels Session on MySpace

Mark Oliver Everett performs on MySpace

Probably the most interesting rocker for me personally is "E" (also known as Mark Oliver Everett, sometimes I call him MOE). His poor dad came up with the theory of parallel universes and died relatively un-praised for it, a fact which is featured in a recent British documentary about father and son, which served as the opening act for the last Eels tour in lieu of another band. Apart from "It's a Motherfucker" ** and "Jeannie's Diary," which both still go on mix tapes I make, the Eels' BEAUTIFUL FREAK is the first non-mainstream record I can remember loving when I was younger, introduced by that crazy friend who your mother dislikes. I think it marked the transition for me from just a music fan into a thinking listener. Needless to say, I am very fond of E's banging away at the piano on MySpace to help promote his new record. It's some sort of new session idea they have devised to keep teens even more glued to keyboards. Weird, but also well worth a squint, as he does a version of "My Beloved Monster." Because of some movie executives with very little imagination, and its subsequent inclusion on the Shrek soundtrack, even my 10 year old niece loves that song.

Go and download the free session from MySpace (limited time)

Buy Eels records!!

** check out the cover version by Rachel Fuller

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