Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gomez: A New Tide? Well, Amy Milan singing can't be bad.

-Written Oct 23-
On October 22, Gomez emailed everyone and got us all excited, then nervous, then anxious about a new record entitled "A New Tide." Amy Milan is to appear doin' some hummin', and there are horns. That's all I know, folks. Why do I feel the need to blog about it? Not sure. I'll ruminate for a spell.

Prog rock. Who else hates that term? I remember the very first time I heard Gomez, on my 21st birthday, largely because I was courting a girl who lived in England. We exchanged letters every four days (snail mail, folks), and she mentioned that she listened to "Liquid Skin" on her 2 mile walk to class every day through the town of York. I was in Texas, home for the summer from college, scouring the malls for a Gomez record. Initially, all I found was "Machismo" on the Gone in Sixty Seconds Soundtrack. Not exactly a track that prepares you for the rest of their material! You can imagine what a shock it was when I finally found "Bring It On" and "Liquid Skin" while I was out buying supplies for my 21st that night. Gomez were small potatoes in the States at that time. I quickly put them on every mix tape I made. I saw them play in Austin a few times, thrilled that they actually came! At ACL one year they played the fest and the at La Zona Rosa later that night! When "In Our Gun" was released in 2003, I thought they couldn't get any better. "Split the Difference" was fine, but albums sort of fizzled for me after that. When I heard of Ian Ball going solo, I was convinced it was over.

-Written Feb 15-
BUT IT ISN'T!!! Enter "Airstream Driver" as a gesture to all of us on the mailing list. I have no idea what the rest of the record sounds like, but I am encouraged by the first single. I am not blown away, but I am pretty happy. I wish I was less nervous about the rest of the record. I don't know what to say. Fingers crossed. It is strange being so "on the side" of a band I have no real connection to. I feel like I am rooting at my son's football game.

"Airstream Driver" Download mp3 (assuming it's ok)

Photos from Gomez in Boston circa 2004.

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