Friday, February 27, 2009

Alec Gross @ The Canal Room

Just over 12 hours ago I was scrambling for an extension cord, trying to film a song or two from the set Alec Gross and his band had prepared to celebrate the release of his new EP. Now I'm sitting in the airport lounge, enduring diagonal, cutting looks as I drape my cords all over the place to try and import what I got. There were about 4 other cameras recording Alec last night, but I am sure this will be the first posted, as the rest were much more professional and therefore will require much more editing. Any editing at all will be much more. Despite rumors of Huey Lewis covers, the band played a very high energy show: the bulk of the material from the "Rose Tattoo," some new songs, and an Otis Redding cover that allowed Alec to flex his front-man muscles a little bit. This is a smash and grab video of Alec performing "Carver Spring Massacre" solo in the middle of the set. It was a haunting performance. The entire show was incredible, with just the right amount of all the elements of folk music that we love - pedal guitar, mouth organs, horns, slow songs, foot-stompers, girls called "Adelaide, etc.

More videos to come when I land.

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