Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Get Up Kids @ Blender Theater

Get Up Kids at Blender Theater

Over the weekend I saw The Get Up Kids at the Blender Theater. I think my first college girlfriend put "I'll Catch You" on a mix tape for me as sort of a resume builder. I had no idea who they were then, so the effort was lost on me. I liked it though - a bit of sweet sentiment over quite a simple piano part. I still play it occasionally, when no one is around. None of that intimacy was preserved however on Saturday night. I felt whatever small connection I had with the music wrung out of me by the greedy consciousnesses all around, battling in a competitive sing-a-long.

Get Up Kids Sold Out at Blender Theater

A friend told me that The Get Up Kids blew up circa 1998, selling something like 100,000 records. That seems hard to believe now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was even more than that. Our being colored by the present probably forces us to underestimate retroactively to prevent ourselves from getting depressed. On a brighter note, selling out 700 cap venues is not a bad substitute for records sales, and if Something To Write Home About is being re-released as a 10 year anniversary edition simply to justify a tour, then I think the whole thing is probably a big success.

"Holiday" by The Get Up kids download mp3 (from Vagrant)

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