Monday, March 22, 2010

SXSW 2010 Party Recap

Savoir Adore

I ♥ BROOKLYN+AUSTIN at FADO on Thursday night was an absolute blast. Thank you to all the bands who dedicated their time and energy to playing. It is so encouraging when artists are willing to share what they have worked so hard on essentially for free (two drinks a person) for music-loving festival-goers. Festivals really do seem like the only time art and money take a break from the tug-of-war.

In terms of talent, crowd and overall energy, this was the best show I think I have ever been involved with. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. The crowd was rowdy, I was slurring a little at the end, and the FLIP camera's microphone proved to be a complete piece of shit at close range, which is why the video is mostly scrapped. I am absolutely gutted, because the performances were so good and the sound is so bad on the FLIP. I salvaged what I could, but please don't judge the bands too harshly for my tiny microphone.

Savoir Adore was the FLIP's first victim. They put on a blinder. I just can't get the video to be watchable. Sorry. I plan on attending their Houston show this Monday to try and remedy the problem. They do have a great acoustic video from last year's house show, which you can check out in the meantime.

Wakey!Wakey! (photo: A. Annas Photography)

Wakey!Wakey! played a beautiful set, then proceeded to hang out for the entire evening. I actually liked the set so much that I went to see these guys again the next day. Together with The Pearl and The Beard on Family Records, these two go so well together - a duo and a label worth watching.

Sleep Whale (photo: A. Annas Photography)

Sleep Whale. We all know how I feel about Sleep Whale - one of my favorites. The video clips terribly, but I had to post it. I lost sleep over it, seriously.


ARMS was thrilling to have. Showing up right on time, starting early (what!) and then just making the crowd swoon. I saw Todd play last year with his old band, but ARMS is something completely different. Amazing. I can't wait to hear records and records, and see them play over and over in New York.

Drink Up Buttercup

My second DUB show of the Fest, and the 4th time I have seen them. The only non Austin / Brooklyn band on the bill, but they are honorary Brooklynites to me. If you haven't heard Drink Up Buttercup, then I can't do anything for you. Go listen to their Daytrotter session. It was awesome.

We managed to find a dusty old projector in the basement of FADO, just in time for Home Video. The Kippenberger photo mural didn't provide the best screen, and again the microphone on my camera clipped, but I felt this video had to go up.

Paul Banks and The Carousels. Thank God the video of Paul Banks was OK!! The first clip is a cover in honor of the late Big Star mastermind, Alex Chilton. Chilton's death was a big blow for me. The only time I ever saw Big Star play was at SXSW some 5 years or so ago. I was glad to see Paul do this song - it was epic. The rest of Paul Banks' live show is epic also, as you can see.

So that was SXSW 2010. I was badge-less this year for the first time, and I didn't really even notice. The bands I wanted see, I saw. Some of the bands I missed, I would have missed with or without a badge (Broken Bells). I am not telling anyone not to buy a badge, but this year I decided to skip it and sleep at a friends South Austin house instead of the Omni (the Omni is loud!). After putting some of that cash into the sound and backline of this show, I still came out almost 1,500 USD ahead of last year. I did spend more on parking though, I guess.

See you at Northside Fest!


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