Thursday, March 18, 2010

SXSW 2010 - Wednesday

Grammatics were the very first band on the very first day of the Hype Machine Part "Lose Control 2" at VICE. I had actually been hoping to see them, but with no schedule at the Hype Machine until very late, I was just lucky.

Class Actress were another that I was hoping to see. I managed to get under I-35 to see them at teh music Gym, a strange little venue. It's more of a shack really, but Drink Up Buttercup were playing inside, and Class Actress outside. Not too crowded, a good line up and free beer. It was like an old-school SXSW day show!

The Terrorbird / Force Field PR party at Red 7 was rammed. This was one of the most packed SXSW day parties I have ever been to. Only 2 port-a-potties, hundreds of people outside in the line, unbearable, like the night shows used to be (before I stopped going). Neon Indian rocked though - probably the best band I saw, making it all well worth it.

Unfortunately I missed Those Darlins again, who were set to go on next. That band is my unicorn. I just couldn't hold on any longer. I headed back to the Hype Machine for some air and a civilized bathroom.

Woodhands rocked it at the Hype Machine party. Standing near the front, right speaker though during that 7 hz interlude nearly made me drop the camera. The video is a bit sub-par actually in the sound department, so I am pulling it until I get a better one.

I am looking forwar to our showcase tonight!! DJ Earthian is providing music between bands, though remotely, as he cant make it in person. More on him in a later post.

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