Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan is a native Austinite, who I met when I was fairly young. I remember a huge great dane in her yard, and Jenny spurring me on to climb the railing to her roof, where we were to look at the moon. I had just broken my leg a few months earlier, but Jenny was undaunted by the cast, and as a result, I suppose I was also. She had just released her first recordings, called Old Ribbon Hi-Way. It's a sweet little folk record with a very distinct pop element to it. Folk songs typically aren't as catchy as hers are.

Fast forward 10 years. Jenny Morgan is an Austinite again, having been many places in between. While she was 8.5 months pregnant with her second son, Rowan, she dropped by a CD release party / live-recording I was doing in Bryan, TX at Revolution Cafe. She called that town home for several years, so a lot of the people in the crowd knew her. She hadn't played in a while, she said, due to being all pregnant. I remember at one point everyone in the place was putting out their cigarettes when they realized Jenny had one in the oven. The recording engineer wasn't really prepared for an opener, but we just told him to roll tape anyway. Her new record is called "The Songs I've Sung"
1. "Brings Me Back Around (live)" Download mp3 (with permission)
2. "Mother (live)" Download mp3 (with permission)
3. "Runnin' With The Brazos (live)" Download mp3 (with permission)

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