Friday, January 9, 2009

Phonograph Live in Texas

Phonograph Live at SXSW 2008
I first saw Phonograph play during a one month residency they had back in 2007 at the Living Room, on the lower east side. The Living Room is one of the few venues in Manhattan where you can just have a gamble, and see some new music without having to worry about sitting near the door. They were post-Arclight, pre-Hiawatha at that time.

Phonograph Live at The Irie Bean
The next day my PASTE came to the office and they had a track "Parsons White" on the sampler (this is back when the PASTE samplers were still good). That sort of thing cements a band in your mind, and when I was organizing a show for SXSW a few months later, I had to have them on the bill. I was relentless, and they finally acquiesced.

Abe Seferth of PhonographThey played at 5pm or something on a Friday. The crowd was small, but appreciative. I nearly tripped and fell off the stage, trying to hand a beer to someone. Thankfully, my unnatural squeal at that moment cannot be heard in the recording.

There are tracks from their self-titled debut release on Arclight Records, tracks from the Hiawatha Talking Machine EP, and one new track from their newest record, which I believe is finished but not yet released.

Recording by, all photos by foto47

1. "Parsons White" Download mp3 (with permission)
2. "Somewhere Between" Download mp3 (with permission)
3. "Watch and Ward" Download mp3 (with permission)
4. "In Your Mind" Download mp3 (with permission)
5. "Radio Waves" Download mp3 (with permission)
6. "Have I Told You" Download mp3 (with permission)
7. "Are You Gonna" Download mp3 (with permission)
8. "Nu Americana" Download mp3 (with permission)
9. "You're A Giraffe" Download mp3 (with permission)

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Ralph Dodger said...

Fantastic! Been dying to hear these guys live. Many thanks.