Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tres Bands De Armando

So I am in Mexico for a few weeks vacation. That doesn't mean I haven't been posting, but the only place with internet access is the pool bar, and as I discovered this morning, one can only really sit here for a limited time and not in the morning. As I am getting too drunk to write with any snap, I must step-up the urgency a notch. I can't really remember the subject I had decided upon for this post - something about "The King of Carrot Flowers and The Queen of Pumpkin Plukes."

Linking Neutral Milk Hotel with Dog Die In Hot Cars would be a stretch even at full-strength, so I panicked and and just asked the barman here, Armando to bring me his favorite new CDs. Instead, gesturing to my laptop, he aptly pointed out that myspace was only a few clicks away. Armando is no slouch, and apparently he is REALLY into reggae music. So here goes:

1. Los Guanábana (Mexico) - A difficult name to pronounce, and probably only recommended as a trick by Armando to watch me slur-away at it. BTW - I tried to get a photo of Armando, but every time I remembered my camera, it was his co-worker, Sylvia (left).

2. Gondwana (Chile) - Mo' Reggae. I nearly said that it reminded me of 10cc, but I realized quite quickly that this could be a stabbing offense to a proper reggae fan.

3. Cultura Profética (Puerto Rico) - My favorite of the three. Really great, chilled out reggae. I want to refrain from saying more, as the genre isn't my forte. Clearly Armando knows his shit though, so hit these bands up, reggae fans.

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Lizard HQ said...

Now I live with Silvia in Houston. 3 years later. How weird?!