Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Little Brite" by Sleep Whale

Sleep Whale (mom)

My girlfriend just walked in. "Is that Sleep Whale?" she asked, flicking a look at the radio. That particular question always seems to come from a smiling face. It's somehow more telling than exposition, which I feel to be my duty, however unprepared I may be. Instrumental music can be in any language, and it can be about anything. It is not information you are privy to, unless you take the constraints of the title and confine your imagination to that. Firstly, how boring. And also, we have to keep in mind WHY the artist chooses this to be the case - something cynicism and ignorance often prevents.

Little Brite by Sleep WhaleLITTLE BRITE should be the first thing you hear when you get up in the morning, all the way through. It's only about 25 minutes of music, but listen to the whole thing while you perform your morning ritual. See if you don't instantly find yourself to be part of a performance, no matter how square. See if you don't think positively about potential situations, or if you have creative impulses or your own, see if you don't feel something new added to them. If you don't, then several things may be true about you: a particular type of blanket hatred might be preventing you from enjoying yourself, a suicidal depression might be the reason your life is nearing its conclusion (Beware!), you might be literally dead already. In any case, I will mourn for you; I will also wonder what you are doing reading this blog - go and quit your job! With their new release on Western Vinyl, you have to believe Sleep Whale are soon to be adorning the background ubiquitously. Setting their musical sights the way they do, I can't wait to see how the nagging practicalities of the music biz affect them. Will they tour? Will they play at NuBlu in NYC with Opsvik and Jennings? That would be a show!

"Josh Likes Me" by Sleep Whale download mp3 (with permission)

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Sitcom Serf said...

Holy shit. I can't believe I forgot to mention the IFC center. I haven't been there to confirm since I posted this blog, but I think Sleep Whale is the music to the cool IFC opening sequence that plays before the film and the previews!