Monday, July 6, 2009

Terre, Sidiki, and Pablo Maybe

terre roche and sidiki conde at the living room in new york
Last Monday, bright and early, the Living Room was hosting Terre, Sidiki, and Pablo Maybe as part of a month-long residency (something unique to the Living Room). Granted 7pm on a Monday is tough to get to for some, but I find Mondays to be the most pleasant night on the LES, completely free of imports. The show itself is a lovely mix of Sidiki's Guinean tunes with Terre's obviously more western influence. The result is a really solid and beautiful repertoire, both catchy, rythmic and at times quite complex in song structure (New York, Pakistan).

As it is Monday tonight, they will be on at 7pm. See if you can get out to see them; It is a unique LES experience, and if you see Pablo there on the Banjo, consider yourself lucky. The band name is somewhat literal. Terre is obviously of The Roches and Sidiki Conde is a fascinating guy, paralyzed from the waist down at at 13 or so, he became a dancer (re-choreographing all dances to be performed on the hands). He plays all traditional African instruments that you nearly never see (the bolong) and writes sweet melodies about the rain and the farmer's toil (in Guinean). I believe he is the artist in residence somewhere in Brooklyn, doing untold work with children etc. One of the best and sweetest human beings around from what I can tell. When wielding a bolong, he's all the more endearing.

* Unfortunately, apart from a live NPR recording, there is nothing to post in terms of sample tracks. These guys are just too new. Here are links to Terre's and Sidiki's music individually - Buy Terre Roche Records!! / Buy Sidiki Conde Records!!

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