Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rosanne Cash in Norfolk, CT

Rosanne Cash live at infinity hall Norfolk CT
I am officially on holiday from The City for a few months, which means I will be increasingly out of touch in Upstate New York, and then even more out of touch in Europe. When I get back, it will be time for the CMJ Music Marathon, and the first anniversary of this blog. *fist pumps* I will be taking my camera with me to Europe to catch as many shows there as I can, but while upstate, I am sans shows or cell phone reception. I did however find myself in Norfolk, CT last night, where they have this very pristine Victorian music hall, called INFINITY HALL. A mate of ours had some extra tickets to Rosanne Cash, and I was very hungry for some live music. Cash played an intimate set accompanied only by her partner, John Leventhal (pictured below supporting his Iron Pigs), and it was blissful to see The Man In Black's little girl charm and serenade a large crowd in a small town very near the center of nowhere.

John Leventhal backstage in Norfolk, CT
The set comprised material from her latest release "Black Cadillac" as well as some beautiful classic country songs from her next project "The List." "Black Cadillac" is a solid folk record, with a really interesting production layer on it that makes it more dynamic than most modern folk records. Cash herself is a beautiful vocalist, as you can imagine, but I was particularly taken with her vocal performance live and her personal touch added to some of those classic covers. I particularly loved “Sea of Heartbreak” which is a duet w/ Bruce Springsteen on the upcoming record.

I have to admit I was probably the only person in town who knew nothing about Rosanne Cash, so you readers must excuse my "revelatory" tone. The story of "The List" puts a young Rosanne, just 18, on tour with her father. When asked about a number of what Johnny deemed "essential" songs, Rosanne's shrugs prompted him to hand write "100 essential AMERICAN songs" on a piece of paper. Having kept this homework assignment for some 30+ years, it seems Cash plans to release recordings of a dozen or so sometime in October of this year. It expect it will be a keeper.

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