Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday at SXSW 2009

Recharged from a great night's sleep, I headed to a great show organized by This Side Up Sounds (and others) at the Red Eyed Fly. I have fond memories of the old Little Radio parties that used to go on there in years past. It is one of my favorite venues in Austin. The lineup was promising as well, despite the first band canceling last minute. Takka Takka picked up the slack though, playing the first slot at 12:30 on very short notice. I was completely with these guys throughout their set, even though I typically find music without definitive climaxes to be outside my domain. I caught a couple of their songs on the camera. Here is "Monkey Forest Road". There are more videos on my YouTube channel.

Next were The Harlem Shakes, from New York. I caught them doing a solid live version of "". Below is the first single from their new record "Technicolor Health," which is released Tuesday, March 24.
"Strictly Game" by Harlem Shakes Download mp3 (getting permission)

Princeton, who everyone knows are one of my favorite bands of last year, played a ton of new material, which was a treat for me. They opened with "The Waves" from their first EP "Bloomsbury". Again, videos of the new songs on YouTube.

From here, I took off to go to a Pool party in North Austin. Kap10kurt had just started. These guys were so exciting to watch. Unfortunately, it was so bright, that the camera had trouble adjusting. As a result it looks like a band comprised of a ghost and a man with a speaker for a head.

As my batteries were dying, I managed to get a couple of Savoir Adore songs right at the end of the tape. Paul Hammer is going Huck Finn on this one. Thanks again to Paul for engineering our entire house show, including his own set!