Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday at SXSW 2009

Sleepy Sun are the best band I have seen in a year. They all stopped for a very sweet band huddle before the show, and then they proceeded to wow us all. I met Rachel briefly before the set, and we chatted about All Tomorrow's Parties. After a few moments jawing, I think it sounds like it might rival SXSW for America's best festival. It is also a European festival, in case anyone reading is from the homeland. Anyway, I am buying my ticket today, or as soon as I stop spinning from an incredible first day. Thank you Sleepy Sun, for making the first day the best in years.
"Lord" by Sleepy Sun Download mp3 (sampler track)

Micah P Hinson is an Abilene native, and a hell of an interesting song-writer. He performed before Sleepy Sun at the ATP party, and quite frankly he was my backup to seeing Post War Years. Thank god the British Embassy at Latitude 30 was full of non-listening wankers, or I never would have seen him! I couldn't have been more disgusted watching unknowing, ticket-wielding idiots prying their way into a space that would not have held a shred of interest for them had a separate line of disappointed RSVP victims not been kept waiting. Or maybe anything British comes with an unending queue built-in! SXSW always has a way of righting itself though. My only beef with Micah is that he sent me packing to Waterloo to get his record.

--addition 03.23.09---

I got a copy of Micah's CD, THE BABY AND THE SATELLITE, from Waterloo the next morning, and I will be reviewing it at some point down the line.
"For Your Eyes" by Micah P. Hinson Download mp3 (hopefully w/ permission)

Elliot Brood was my first show of the fest! It took me a few minutes to figure out where the bass was coming from, but it was Casey Laforet playing the "bass pedals." This contraption describes itself, but seeing it had me doing the head-pat, tummy cirlce afterwards, to try and get an idea of how far gone my uni-task brain has become. I would describe Elliot Brood as good, solid folk rock, and a very good rockin 'live show. I was bumped in the video - first show, first stain. Banjo player, Mark Sasso sort-of grimaced when I asked him if I could film, but then he acquiesced. He's quite a photogenic gent, so I don't get that one. Maybe he was holding back some strange playing-face, which perhaps made the show more of an effort than he would have liked? I think it came out great.
"Write It All Down For You" by Elliot Brood Download mp3 (with permission)

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