Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thursday at SXSW 2009

Paul Banks
So Thursday I spent a lot of the morning running around doing errands for our Friday show, which limited the music I saw during the day. I did catch one song by Justin Townes Earle, who lays down an impressive "hillbilly song," as he put it. By the time I was ready to go out, I just headed straight to FADO for the Thru Windows / Canon Records showcase. Quote opened up and blew me away. They have a new record out, which is actually a book. I have posted "Caspian Prince" below.
"The Caspian Parade" by Quote Download mp3 (with permission)

Paul Banks (pictured above) came on with his Fender Rhodes (as adamantly informed me). He has some great new songs since his first record came out last year. Can't want to hear that in the can. If you ever see a Paul Banks show, be sure to pay attention to James, the drummer at the very end. The band has taken to ending each show with a slightly-embarrased, but committed primal scream from James. The whole band starts to slow down, looks over, and after a shrug and a shake of the head, James lets it rip. Well done, James! I like Paul Banks and the Carousels more than any other Austin band I saw. Locals, you should check them out.

From there April Smith, Kara Suzanne, The Boy Bathing, Joe Pug (pictured above) were all fantastic. Joe Pug and The Boy Bathing played at the house show the next day, but it was nice to see them in their full irish-pub glory. Unfortunately I was too knackered to see Sam Isaac finish his set. I swayed and concentrated on staying upright long enough to catch 3 great songs. Then I had to hop in the van and get out. This was the first day where I felt exhausted. Some great music though!

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