Sunday, May 24, 2009

Isle Of White

Isle of WhiteI am not sure how this ended up in my review folder, as there doesn't seem to be a record or an EP or anything released by these guys. Anyway, Isle of White is both my favourite vacation spot when I was 9 and a band that sounds sort of like Green Day meets The Stills. Basically, this is straight-up rock n' roll. When it's good (Jen Young, Far Away), it's good. When it's not, it's a little conventional. Self-confessed classic rock geeks, these guys do cave to some of the more tried and true rhyming pairs, and I think the band itself is new-ish - so lets wait and see how their sound settles. Just to compare, I listened to a few tracks from Think Lizzy's "Jailbreak" mixed in. Romeo and The Lonely Girl put this into perspective very well. If you do head to the Isle of WIGHT, don't miss Blackgang Chine; they have a wicked tiny model village.
"Jen Young" by Isle of White download mp3 (with permission)

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Anonymous said...

I've seen em a few times. They sound nothing like greenday. More like weezer.