Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here We Go. Magic.

Ahh, the "secret show." The only secret being how news can actually travel so fast. Here We Go Magic - I assume as a gesture to all of their friends and fans left sad and ticket-less for the Grizzly Bear dates - put on a free show last night for rogues and penny stinkards alike at Union Pool. The crowd was dense; only in an NFL huddle are heads closer together. Through these many consciousnesses came what I can only describe as concert-going bliss. HWGM are almost the perfect live band. They have a great span with their catalog, though it is essentially only two albums worth of material. The band opened with a lot of new songs (which bodes well for their second record), but eventually they managed to cover almost everything. I climbed to the top of the stairs in order to film a song or two*, and looking down, it was as if we were all in the galley of a ship. The live music show seems to be the last beautiful place where people don't feel entitled to anything, and strangely, the ache in my bones and the sting in my eye made the experience sweeter. A great band, great musicians, great art. I don't really want to analyze this one or say anything else; I just want to enjoy it. Buy their record (I could only find it on Amazon) and get some tickets to go and see them with Grizzly Bear.
"Fangela" by Here We Go Magic download mp3

* My camera suffered a deathblow. RIP Sonny the Sony.

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