Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jeff Buckley "Grace" Video

Holy Shit. So it appears there is a new video of Jeff Buckley performing "Grace" on the BBC late show. I say holy shit, because it isn't some video from Sony produced in 2004, with a Miwa Yanagi-style elevator girl wandering around the Tokyo airport, but a solid rock performance on TV from what appears to be one of the original promo tours Buckley took to the UK. I never look at youtube or vimeo or any of that (despite using both), so if I am wrong and the thing has been around forever, I bow humbly. If I am right, it is still sort of a "big whoop." I think we have all seen so many images of Buckley from this time, a long siege waged on us by Sony/Columbia/BMG and his estate, neither of which seem to tire of new greatest hits rearrangements and B-sides. This could just be a new type of shell falling on us from a different vantage, though obviously with the same trajectory. There are few bigger Buck fans than myself - this video made me initially excited and then empty and depressed. BUT CHECK IT OUT!!

BBC Show: Jeff Buckley (on MySpace)

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