Friday, May 29, 2009

Ocean Colour Scene - A NEW RECORD

According to a post on the OCS homepage from Simon Fowler, the band is going into the studio to record a new album, which should be released in February 2010. A tour to support the record will start in January, and although the chances are slim, those of us in the provinces can't help but fantasize that we might receive a visit.

I heard that OCS literally named themselves by picking out three random words from the dictionary. Religious zealots call this a "bible dip", except you know, with the bible. I guess that sort of thing flew in the 90's. I discovered them much later, when someone put some tracks from "Marchin' Already" on a mixtape for me. They were still unknown mostly in the U.S., but they became a favorite of mine and of the other people in my circle. I just assumed that they were too small to tour to the US, that we had discovered a gem. When I subsequently moved to London, I had the displeasure of discovering that my favorite little English band sold out stadiums with Oasis and Paul Weller. I hate large venues, so there went that, as they say. I had to wait for the day I would be back in the U.S. and I could sneak in on them, sort of like Canadians who marvel when they can see The Tragically Hip in a normal bar in the U.S. That was almost three years ago, and no tour.

Anyway, as I realize people won't read this unless there is some insight or booty: Before OCS formed, a bunch of the members including Simon were in a band called "The Fanatics". I found some mp3's of their only record "Suburban Love Songs," which is quite rare on Here they are:
"My Brother Sarah" by The Fanatics download mp3
"Suburban Love Songs" by The Fanatics download mp3
"Tight Rope" by The Fanatics download mp3
"1234" by The Fanatics download mp3

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