Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday Night Music Club Recap

Monday Night Music Club at the Gramercy Theater
So last night was my unofficial birthday party at the Gramercy Theater, giving Monday Night Music Club a go. Great bands who aren't typical Live Nation acts (in fact they are quite good) pumped through the venues amazing system. They spared no expertise in the sound and lighting quality. For some of these bands, I know this was the biggest venue they have played, but no one would have known by the performances. A great time was had, and I always forget that the Gramercy theater has Newcastle Brown Ale in cans! Probably the only place on earth that you can see live music and have a 12 oz can of Newcy Brown outside of the Steel City itself. Indulgences like these are the icing.

Adam Arcuragi at the Gramercy Theater in New York

Thanks to Gabe and Margaret for preventing my well-deserved trouncing at the door. Walking into a commercial venue with a video camera is like dangling a live electrical wire in front of a kitten.

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