Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adam Arcuragi @ SXSW (part one)

So the videos from the Canon Records / Sitcom Serf BRING DOWN THE HOUSE SHOW are finally starting to trickle out of the assembly line and onto the internet. I have been cropping and matching audio for a couple of days, and I will be posting them here, on youtube, and on a separate page in high resolution as the bands all approve what they want the world to see. First up is Adam Arcuragi, who played at 2pm, when the morning phlegm was still fresh on the tongue. You wouldn't know it though by the way it belts it out. Thanks also to Dave and Shaun for playing so beautifully in support. These are both new songs, called "We Steal People's Medicine" and "The Bottom of The River" (download mp3).

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