Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adam Arcuragi @ SXSW (part two)

So it seems that YouTube does diminish the audio quality on videos quite noticeably, but not to worry! I will be posting the videos on a proper web page in full quality a little bit later on. This should be ready directly after I finish Savior Adore's post, or you can just check the former RSVP page periodically, which seems like the logical place for them.

Here is the second half of Adam's recording. One of my favorites, "1981 (Or Waving At You As We Part At Light Speed Will Look Like I'm Standing Still)" and a new one called "Go With Them".

And if you are trying to impress a girl by playing Adam's music to her, let me help you out. In the first verse of "1981" it's Rimbaud, not Rambo.

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