Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rumspringa @ The Mercury Lounge

I am embattled today finishing the videos from SXSW, but I can't help wanting to write something about Rumspringa's show last night. And they have a FREE EP! All you have to do is go to their website and sign up for their semi-daily newsletter.

DEAL!! Even if that were true, I would still do it.

---back story---
Wandering around the LES, we realized that I have never actually been to the Annex. Perhaps I wandered in once at CMJ or something, but I have had no memorable experiences there at all. Fortunately, while queuing, we got an audio snapshot of what was going on inside, saving ourselves 12 dollars each. Next up, Arelene's Grocery, which I never seem to go to either. I think we were there for 15 minutes, and only because there is a bar minimum. The crowd was horrific-looking - frat boys and the women that accompany them. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Rumspringa were just starting when we got to Mercury. Immediately we felt at home. The crowd looked like they knew what was going on; the band looked like they were capable of something. And it only got better. Joey Stevens had on a bulging coon-skin cap; I think he keeps his wallet in there. The drums sounds were some of the best live drums I have ever heard. Kudos to Itaru de la Vega and the sound guy on that.

"Rumspringa," the noun refers to an Amish rite of passage; the practice of releasing teenagers to explore the outside world. Rumspringa the band is a two piece, and (in keeping with modern convention) a very active memory pedal called "little lupe." Stevens makes me wish Hendrix could of had one, but he also sort of shows you what it would be like as well. A seemingly endless amount of beautiful and interesting melodies/riffs/solos kept each song from stagnating for even a moment. I forgot how great it is to watch a person who really has command of an instrument play A LOT of notes. Music should be full of notes, after all. And despite how ridiculous it sounds to say, it was nice to be cheering for the electric guitar. It's been a while. And did I mention a FREE EP from Cantora Records?!

"Birds Of Paradise" by Rumspringa Download mp3 (from Rumspringa)

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