Thursday, April 16, 2009

Inner @ SXSW (part one)

I am very grateful to Jen Turner of Inner for agreeing to play the show, as I am a giant fan of her work. She was at SXSW on tour with The Boy Bathing, but she switched gears beautifully for these 4 songs. I was sitting in the front left for her set, and after "Boys' Night Out," I saw that the woman next to me had tears in her eyes! I don't think anyone had any idea what they were in for. Jen was visibly nervous (what!!) and her voice wavered at moments, but it's the captivating performer through which these nuances of personality inject a new sense of feeling and dimension to a stage show. And it keeps the songs alive! Jen is thrilling at every show, because she can't help it! The gushing admiration from the crowd was well deserved, and murmurs about her set continued right until the end of the party.

The audio on the high res videos cuts out almost completely if I upload them to YouTube, so I uploaded these at lower resolution for now. These are "boysnightout" and "used2loveme2."

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