Thursday, April 2, 2009

Missing Ships in Brooklyn

Missing Ships is relatively new band, as given away by Martin's noticeable enthusiasm at this recording. Not that he was excited or that the recording is good, he just acknowledged that its existence was indeed real and that yes, it is better for it to exist than not. My arm was tired from swinging hammer all day, and the lens seemed equally sleepy, constantly trying to focus on the back of whatever instrument was jutting from the lower left. The song itself is a solid rock ballad: quiet, loud, really loud, dizzy. The guys all had an impressive command of their instruments, and despite it being at head-crushing volume, the mix was very clear. Only the vocals were mildly muddy, but that might have as much to do with the hard rock delivery as my new tinnitus. I do think the band should to put up a an additional song or two on MySpace. They currently feature only one track, "Cranky." Perhaps it is autobiographical? There IS one lyric, "lost the "t" on my keyboard, can't post no songs."*

My inner-ear fluid in flux, ruminating on the tube ride back to 1st Avenue, I did feel I got my proper dose of rock; satisfaction accompanied by a dull ring. The verdict: I will definitely go and see these guys again.
"Cranky" by Missing Ships Download mp3 (stole it)

*Only joking