Saturday, October 24, 2009

CMJ 2009: Friday

Solid Gold at the Green Label Sound CMJ party
Solid Gold

Friday started off well. Really well. And then it went south. First the good: As I was on my way to Trash Bar for The Loom, I saw Sean Lennon on the phone outside Bruar Falls. I had a little time to kill, and I love all the new Chimera Music stuff, so I just went for it. The Ladybug Transistor where about 2 songs from the end of their set. Though I didn't have time to film, I was very impressed by them. Once the set change was underway, I met a lovely guy from WRSU Rutger's Radio who filled in the gaps. Mi-Gu was the band to see. No, he didn't know how many bands Sean Lennon is actually in (we counted 3). And yes, getting a beer at Bruar Falls is difficult once hey close that iron curtain. During "Spiders," MI-GU'S normal two piece format was beefed up with Lennon and Yuka Honda sitting in.

When the band had finished, I was too late for The Loom. I was nearly late for Peasant, who slowed things down a little bit at the Paste Magazine party. As a venue name, "The Living Room" is perhaps a double entendre. I like it there, but I have never experienced less life from an audience. I know they are concentrating, but the people seem afraid to breathe. Damien himself was unaffected, but forlorn over what he considered a lackluster string of jokes between songs. When told that writing cheat-sheet lyrics on his hand was too obvious and that he should instead opt for his shoes, he replied "I've gotta find some paper shoes." For the next moment or two, he thought he had triumphed, only to realize directly that the shell was too think. Peasant is sweet, slight music, like a whisper, and Damien has a beautiful timbre. He's sort of a perfect troubadour, really. The audience was loving it quietly.

After the rain and the temperature began to fall, we had to get inside. Brooklyn Bowl had a line like the Vatican, so we were relieved when we were spared the indignity of having to queue up. Once inside, we used up our drink tickets and got ready for Solid Gold to start.

The Green Label Sound party itself was heaving, with most of the people neither bowling nor at the stage. All indications were that we were going to wait a long time for drinks and facilities, with very little return. Therefore we only stayed to see a Solid Gold's first few songs. I wanted to see some smaller bands, but the vibe of Brooklyn Bowl would follow us. First, we saw 2 unmentionably bad bands at a very crowded Public Assembly - so bad that we left our drinks. Then we were denied at Music Hall of Williamsburg (where School of Seven Bells were playing). After that we cabbed it to Cake Shop. In the dungeon we did manage to catch a few songs of Crystal Antlers, who all jumped the bathroom line and then gave everyone drink tickets (sort of classy, I thought). Cake shop was so crowded that I couldn't get my arm around my own person. An itch went unscratched, which was sort of poignant.

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