Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CMJ 2009: Tuesday

Hospital Bombers (band) at CMJ 2009
Hospital Bombers

The first day of CMJ was exactly what I expected: a mixture of over-excited drinking and eating, to the point where I was unresponsive, with a thin glaze. What I didn't expect was how great the music was going to be right out of the gate. The Love Language, Surfer Blood, and Holiday Shores all blew me away. This is why I think CMJ is the best festival around - the quality of the bands. At SXSW you have to be so discerning. Here, you can just float around on recommendations.

The Love Language just signed to Merge, which has all of the industry kids very excited and envious. I am happy for them. You can see immediately that the songwriting is tops. I bought their S/T first record and a nice Mauve T for my lady.

Surfer Blood are unsigned, and I think this show generated some interest for them, which I suppose is the whole point of playing at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Personally, I was very impressed; they have an extremely dynamic and upbeat style. The record is great also; I have been listening to it all morning, feeling slightly guilty that I haven't previewed enough of today's bands.

As the day was drawing to a close, I was ushered into the Holiday Shores show by a group of unrelated people, all equally enthusiastic. At that point, I was satisfied, but I am glad I forced my way into the Cake Shop dungeon. Despite shaky hands, I managed to exchange some cash for a record and video their last song:

After uploading and jotting down just a few lines, it's already time to head out and do it again!

Buy The Love Language's records!!
Buy Holiday Shores' records!!
Buy Surfer Blood's records!!

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Sitcom Serf said...

Had to make the Surfer Blood video private until they have had time to adequately promote the new record. I'll unlock it when they give me the thumbs up.