Thursday, June 11, 2009

Deastro Does It Right

Detroit electronic rock quartet Deastro (pronounced like your favorite G.I. Joe villain) are an absolute MUST SEE band for everyone. I am tempted to end the blog there, but I feel obligated to expound just a touch.

Putting the music aside for a moment, Randolph Chabot, the soul and face of Deastro is very nearly possessed while he performs. If you aren't moved even a little bit by him then you belong in the morgue. Manipulating his table-top of wires and gadgets, he repeatedly hurls himself away from it, diving at the rest of the stage and the crowd, incorporating visits back like a trips to the surface for air. And here is where it really gets good: the music. The tunes. Every electronic band out there should take a lesson from Deastro about the importance of the substance behind the blips and bleeps. I was a little hesitant to see a show the night before the Northside Festival began, sort of like courting a bar fight before a prizefight. In the end a good punch in the face was just fine. Armed with a music-high, I feel all the more ready to go into the ring today. Here's the single from MOONDAGGER, which a grabbed on vinyl (with a free limewire EP) for 12 bones. If that isn't enough, there are 4 albums on Deastro's Myspace page that you can download for free.

I know. And you can see them tomorrow (Friday June 12th) at Studio B as part of the Northside Festival. I can't recommend them strongly enough.
"Parrallelogram" by Deastro download mp3 (with permission)

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