Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Prigs, Kara Suzanne, Adam Arcurgi, Putnam Murdock @ The Gramercy Theater - June 29th

Here's a strange thing. On Monday June 29, Live Nation are putting on a show with Adam Arcuragi, Kara Suzanne and a couple of other NYC bands at the Gramercy Theater. Why is it strange? Well: Live Nation. Non-lame acts. $7 cover. Free for college students!

Apparently as Mondays are not their best nights, Live Nation and the beautiful Gramercy Theater want to open it up to lesser indie bands and try to farm a bit of talent. I think it is a great idea. Adam and Kara are friends of this blog who have played in some of our past shows, and this will be a really great opportunity to see them in one city's better sonic venues.

June 29 is consequently my birthday, so after my swanky B-Day dinner, I will be enjoying beers on all of my friends. Mark it on your calendar and start photoshopping your old school ID. Here are some free tracks from the performers.
"TV Reporter" by The Prigs download mp3
"Stumblin'" by Kara Suzanne download mp3
"Broken Throat" by Adam Arcuragi download mp3
"Bright Future" by Putnam Murdock download mp3

Buy Tix here.

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