Saturday, June 13, 2009

Northside Festival - Day 2

Friday at Northside was for me six bands, two free Heineken, two reasonably priced / unreasonably sized pieces of pizza, four business cards, several ales at regular cost, one 12" record, one immaculate size 12 pair of Kangaroos and no hangover. I am realizing this morning that I came very close to festival perfection. The one blip being that I missed filming any of Sean Bones' set. In an effort to be more accommodating, I will sometimes ask a band when during the set they would prefer me to film (some are subtle about it, some aren't - Bryan Dunn). I must have missed the signal, because when I looked up at one juncture the band was already on their way out. Sorry Bones.

As for the rest of the performers: Elfin Saddle sold me a lovely 12" of their new record RINGING FOR THE BEGIN AGAIN. This was the only show on at 6:30pm, so it was difficult to get to. I am really glad I made it; they have a very beautiful style. Zaza gave me an out of body experience. The Rabbits played a great new song called "Song Of The South" (below) and Drink Up Buttercup gave me the perfect ending to the night. A lot of bands I missed of course, and for the rest I did see, I would rather let the video speak for itself:

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