Friday, June 12, 2009

Northside Festival - Day 1

So far so good for the Northside Festival. Badge pickup was a dream (at 7:30pm), there was free Heineken in the press lounge (yikes), and Williamsburg is properly becoming like a mini-Austin. In my excitement at all the new places to eat, I stopped into a really nice pub on 8th and Berry (can't remember the name) where I was actually laid low by the biggest burger I have ever eaten. Feeling gut-shot, I managed to stagger to Spike Hill to catch Discovery et al. As for the late night plans, they had to be swapped for lying face down on the bed with my arms wrapped around myself, dissuading a possible rupture in my bloated innards.

These videos are from Discovery's set @ Spike Hill. Oh, and if you find the official schedule a little hard to download and print, I have put it into moderately print friendly text files on the right, just above the Northside Logo.

POSTSCRIPT - Monday after the fest, I just heard is the official release show for Opsvik & Jennings' "A Dream I Used to Remember" @ NUBLU (Monday June 15th - 9:30pm $10). This will be a great show. I reviewed the record a few weeks ago.

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