Monday, June 15, 2009

Northside Festival - Day 4

Wild Yaks

Day 4. As I spent most of the day uploading and editing video from our Showcase the previous night, I didn't make it out to Brooklyn until late afternoon. It seemed from the schedule that Public Assembly was the place to be, so we just camped there all night. The Bloodsugars, who we tried to book at SXSW opened it up at the Engine Room Recordings stage. I find this band very interesting in their arrangements and the overall musicality of each member. Seeing them live reveals that they also know how to shake their asses.

Dinosaur Feathers were next up on the big stage. I had only heard their MySpace page, which makes them sound sort of pop-ish. In person however they have a lot of interesting elements to their sound and a really rich 3 part harmony. I thought they put on a great show, and by the late stages of a music festival I am generally uncompromising about what I am going to stick around for. This is "History Lesson."

I was really bummed about running out of tape before Wild Yaks came on to headline our showcase, so I caught this song towards the end of their set at Public Assembly. Wild Yaks is an earthquake of a band.

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Wesley said...

great footage! thank you :)